The first most important student with a learning disability should determine to never give up on their goals.

Helpful tips

Be on time for any lecture or exam.

Be organized (always have a schedule of your classes). Make sure all the exams, quizzes and homework are written down; go over it every day to make sure you are never late.

At the beginning of every class always introduce yourself to the professor or instructor. Let them know that you are a hard worker.  Some classes can be stumbling blocks and generally instructors may work with you to be successful.

Use liquid color highlighters when reading material

Color sticky pads

Color-code everything. (This is the helpful tool when reading or remembering a test)

Color layout sheets when reading  (http://www.dyslexia-test.com/color.html)

Tape recorder (Taping the lectures and going over it can reinforce the memory)

Always ask the professor or instructor before you tape their lectures.

Always have a note taker in the classroom if you are unable to take good notes.

If you are taking an exam and you need extra time, make sure you talk to the Disability Resources Center on your campus. This should be done at the beginning of each semester.

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